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Railroad Lube Filters

Filtration Systems' patented "Swirl Flow" technology is a breakthrough in depth filter design, providing exceptionally long life, high efficiency, and low restriction to flow. "Swirl Flow" locomotive oil filters combine high efficiency and long-life with moisture removal to reduce acid and sludge build-up. 180-day service intervals increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. 

Our high-flow railroad lube filters have been use for years in demanding conditions, often over mountainous terrain. They consistently last a minimum of 3 months, and often 1/2 year, between filter change-outs We have manufactured hundreds of thousands of railroad lube elements, protecting locomotive engines worldwide, with the best value in the industry.

Filtration Systems' lube filters fit all standard EMD, Alco and G.E. locomotives.

Technical Overview

  • Different end-configurations assure direct interchangeability with EMD, G.E., Alco and Bombardier locomotives.
  • High-strength spiral lock seamed center tube prevents collapse. Easily removed and recycled. Made in-house for cost control.
  • Our patented "Swirl Flow™" media, the secret to long service life. Only available from Filtration Systems, an exceptional value!
  • Outer perforated wrap for flow diffusion. The filter has no side seams or end caps

Features & Benefits

Computer Controlled Pleater — A computer-controlled pleater is used to produce consistently-sharp pleats to maximize performance and reliability. 

Cellulosic Media — Filtration Systems' air filters use various grades of cellulosic paper media, made from wood fibers and bonded with polymeric resins for added strength and washability. These media provide high dirt holding capacity, high efficiency, low restriction to flow and low cost. In addition, by using Beta Ratios for its cellulosic media, the cleanliness of fluids is known to the user. 

Mullen & Frazier — We test the media characteristics of competitor’s filters to provide risk-free alternate-sourcing from Filtration Systems.

Lock-Seam — Filter shells are lock-seamed (not spot welded) to eliminate sharp edges and injury when servicing the filters. 

Redundant Seals — The majority of these products feature molded ends made from a soft, durable rubber compound. These molded ends have integral gaskets, with a large primary sealing surface and a back-up seal (with a slightly lower profile) to protect the engine in the event of leakage at the primary seal.