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Dust Collection

Filtration Systems makes a wide range of dust collect cartridges to fit all popular makes and models of equipment. The cartridges feature heavy-duty construction to withstand rigorous use. We offer three grades of media, to match your application requirements.

Our standard media is an 80:20 Blend of cellulose and synthetic fibers, with a hydrophobic binder, for excellent moisture resistance. There is also a flame-retardant version available. 

Our Spun Bonded Polyester media has unsurpassed strength, making it an excellent choice for back-pulse applications, such as powder-coating, etc. Also, available with an aluminized coating. 

Our Nanofiber Laminate is rated at MERV 14, right out of the box, making it an ideal media for gas turbine filtration units.

80:20 Blended Media — "DC" paper media has a high polyester content, for higher removal efficiency and added strength. It has a very high Mullen Burst rating, for excellent resistance to abrasion and rupture. Its water-repellent binder improves performance in wet, rainy conditions, and can be washed for repeated use.

Spunbonded Polyester Media — "DCP" spun bonded media is 100% polyester. It is an air laid product, so it has no binders. It has high filtration efficiency, and its fine fiber diameter gives it excellent permeability, for good flow characteristics. It is extremely strong and has very long service life, even in demanding backpulse applications.

Nanofiber Laminated Media — "DCL" nanofiber laminated technology features a very fine layer of micro-fibers on the surface of the media. This layer not only provides very high initial filtration efficiencies, but has excellent release properties, giving it extended service life in self-cleaning installations.

Application Overview

  • Our gasket material is specifically formulated to maintain sealing integrity. It has excellent compression-set resistance, 2% per ASTM D3574
  • All of Filtration Systems' media are hydrophobic, for better dimensional stability in high humidity or outdoor installations. They are also washable for longer service life and better value.
  • Our blade-type Computer Controlled Pleaters make straight, sharp pleats for better air flow and back-pulse performance
  • The pleat pack is protected with a corrosion-resistant metal outer cage. The extra-large diamond pattern has 77% open area, for better flow and unloading characteristics.
Dust Collection application image