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Biogas filtration

Landfill & digester gas can contain up to 1.5% (15,000 ppm) of sulfur in the fuel gas. This sulfur oxidizes in the engine’s combustion chamber to form sulfur dioxide (SO2). That combines with water (H2O, a by-product of combustion), to form sulfurous acid (H2SO3).  This, in turn, reacts with oxygen (O2) to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4).   A significant amount of these impurities blow past the piston rings and accumulates in the crankcase, acidifying the oil.  The wood fibers in Filtration Systems’ depth-type filters absorb this troublesome moisture, and our “-TSS” treated filters neutralize acidic compounds. 

Siloxanes cause deposits in the upper engine and foul emission-related catalysts in the engine exhaust system.  Activated carbon is an effective media to remove siloxanes from digester and landfill gas.  Filtration Systems manufactures a broad range of carbon canisters adaptable to your siloxane –removal equipment.

Filtration Systems manufactures air filters, oil filters and fuel-gas filters for engines running on landfill and digester fuel gas.  We can improve the reliability of equipment and offer significant operational cost-savings in the bio-fuels industry, world-wide.

Bio-Gas is methane generated by sewage treatment digesters, landfills and animal-waste slop tanks.  It is wet, dirty and has a low fuel value, typically between 400 & 650 BTU/ft3.  (Pipeline quality gas, on the other hand, is over 1,000 BTU/ft3.)

Stationary gaseous-fueled engines require special equipment , settings  and maintenance to run on such “problem fuels”.  Filtration Systems already has unique products and decades of design experience in this area.

Application Overview

  • Engine manufacturers recommend special high-TBN oils and reduced oil drain intervals for problem fuel applications. Some sites are changing oil & filters every four weeks. Since these engines hold hundreds of gallons of oil, this is a huge expense. Unlike other filter manufacturers, Filtration Systems’ oil filters are capable of absorbing water and acids, to reduce additive depletion.
  • Engine manufacturers recommend running higher coolant temperatures for digester/landfill gas applications. Our sister division, Fluid Power Energy, makes thermostatic control valves for these applications.
  • Filtration Systems makes air filter elements to fit all major U.S.-made large engines. We have special media for moisture tolerance, as well as nanofiber laminates, synthetics and pre-filters, for extended service life.
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